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Default Why is Rick Beato so popular? (YouTuber)

Rick Beato is best known as a YouTuber... He has 2.5 million followers... Not too bad!

I've recently found his channel... and been entranced by his videos!

He's a musician and audio producer... His channel is all about music...

I think the thing about him is - his enthusiasm is infectious!

I think his genuine enthusiasm comes through in every video! (Along with his expertise...)

His videos cover the whole range of music... Analyzing and picking apart songs, top 10s (e.g. top 10 guitar solos), as well as stories from his past... Sometimes even including personal stories of famous musicians...

He "monetizes" his channel via ads, a paid membership club (“the Beato Club"), and also sells online courses as well...

I mainly wanted to mention it as an example of how "enthusiasm" can really win you over...

(Makes me think of Gordon's "The White Bread Story"...!)

I imagine most of his fans are musicians... But I'm not even a musician, and still love it...!

For those who want to check it out...

Here's his channel...

Here's an example video...

What Makes This Song Great? Ep.71 BOSTON (#2) (More than a Feeling...)

If you go to the video on YouTube, and click on "Show More", you'll see links to all his info-products...

If anyone wanted to share "expert info" on YouTube, I think his channel is a good model!

For "toll position" fans, I noticed he even trademarked the phrase, "What makes this song great?"

Best wishes!


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